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Looking for new mods

Hello all! Thank you to the ones thata re still supporting us <3 As khkraze mentioned, we're all extremely busy but none of us really have the heart to close down this community~ So, as the "founder" of the community I'd like to announce that we'll be looking for five active mods to take over for us while we're all trying to get our act together :3. We'll all still be working as hard as we can for you all and hope to have a comeback post for you very soon! Please send a comment or a message if you're interested. Thank you !!! :)

"Do one good deed each day."

★ Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - 19 Icons , 2 Layouts , And 2 Wallpapers.
★ Vocaloid -  13 Icons, and 12 Wallpaper
★ Kuroshitsuji -  9 Icons
★ Kobato -  7 Icons
★ Offuri - 7 Icons
★ Miliyah Kato - 10 Icons
Tetsuwan Birdy Decode (Birdy : The Mighty) 1 Layout, 1 Wallpaper

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Do The Impossible, See The Invisible!

★  Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - 13 icons/ 1 wallpaper

★  Vocaloid - 11 icons/ 3 wallpapers/ 1 friend only banner

★  Final Fantasy XIII - 15 icons

★  K-ON! - 21 icons

★  Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - 17 icons

★  Kannagi - 13 icons


                                 ~Ello (*^-^*)!!! Well this is my first post as a churikko  maintainer ^^ Haha well i hope everyone likes my work >_<        Now! On with the show!

                    ♥   Preview  ♥ 

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alright lol. theres alot to say about my situation and live journal....

i know ive been on like,... a 2 months haitus without warning before hand, and im sorry about this ><;; its just that i need more time to gain more textures and images and it seems i havent gotten exacly enough time to do so :(. but i will promis you one thing. i will have an icon post by the end of may (FAIL) i know its really far away but from there on, im going to start posting graphics more and more often <3333

so be patient with me ><;;

its time that i stop being lazy.

credit if you use
comments are love~
if you say your going to use it, srsly mean it. i hate it more than anything when people say their taking an icon but dont use it at all.
if anyone wants to be credited, tell me.

fairy tail table html
28 fairy tail icons
52 bleach icons.

my next icon post will take a while since that one will have alot more than just fairy tail and bleach. textures made by
again, if anyone wants to be credited, tell me =___=;;

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;D natsu


Since im not getting to inspired from Pixiv.com and Deviantart.com, i want you guys to request anything you want from me. this includes icons, banners and icons. im only allowing 5 open slots for layouts and i will edit this post letitng you know if im open for more than 5. you can request as many icons as you want and same goes for banners. heres whut you need to tell me.

link to image(s) you want in your icon/banner/layout
color schemes
any specific texts you want
any specific textures you want to see
when you need it by

im keeping this post up just until everyone gets back on their feet from real life stuff. and since i am apparently the only one with so much free time, im willing to let you guys take advantage of that. of cource, if i end up not getting any requests, i could care less, but getting to make someone something always makes me very happy. btw,